An Average of 14 Months To Be A Parent? Not Really…

According to an article in the, new parents will get used to being parents after 14 months.

It’s amazing the manner some organisations or experts would categorise parenting in a time-locked manner to help new parents cope with expectations.

The numbers are according to a survey that indicates about 34 per cent of UK parents saying that htey were not in the slightest bit prepared for the difficulties associated with taking care of children.

According to the survey, the most difficult part of being a parent is the constant tidying of play-places and sleepless nights.

Parenting includes all of those. To be honest, don’t expect them to disappear after 14 months.

As a single parent, it was best for me to accept that I will make mistakes in caring for them. With my husband’s leaving, I was left to my own devices. But I didn’t really mind the trouble. You will truly spend three hours or even less on yourself for an entire day. It can be difficult.

I’ve seen marriages break down because of taking care of children.

But to say that it takes only 14 months to become an expert is like saying you could become a golf expert overnight.

It takes passion, dedication and an understanding of your child’s behaviour to succeed.

Take it from me. I’ve been a single mother for more than a decade and a half.

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