How Do You Adjust Your Life When You Get Newborn Twins?

My Jacques and Stephanie aren’t twins. Jacques was born a few years after Stephanie came out. While they’re the best of friends (and sometimes the best of enemies), sometimes it bugs me to think that what if they were twins when they came out.

A friend of mine last week told me her story about her ‘twinvasion’ as she called it. She said she was both happy and almost petrified that she had twins growing inside of her because one: she didn’t know if her baby-house could handle it and two: the financial side of things will always cradle your head when you sleep.

She said the first few weeks were terrible. She had to mentally prepare herself for the possible troubles ahead. This includes a new routine and new budgeting. My friend also has a five-year-old son and a two-year-old girl, which spells much doom.

But she said every fear and worry washed away after they looked at the two kids who just came out. She came to know them and she loved them. Of course, you don’t get much sleep when it’s the first night you go with your babies.

Twins need lots of feeding, diapering and cuddling, which babies and mommies really like. Also daddies.

No new baby is really easy, mind you. But it’s always worth the time and love when you spend time with them. I could say that is true for myself. I love babies, I love them even if they’re older now.

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