Jeremy Hunt Has Opened The Way For Our Rights

Single parenting isn’t an easy thing. I’ve been through it for 30 years and I’ve yet to retire. My two children are worth all the trouble in the world.

I rejoiced when Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt abandoned the case between single parents being unable to raise surrogate children. Instead, he gave it to these parents-to-be because there is discrimination between couples who could take care of surrogate children and single parents being disallowed to do so.

But many contradict this idea because they said the needs of the child had been put least to fulfil the rights of parents where it is prioritised that children’s needs should be at the forefront.

I understand that rule and reaction. But not every family can have both parents live in the same house. Sometimes, they would rather function better on their own than work with anybody else. And they can be company owners, such as I.

There is no trouble with the rule. There should be a rule however to parents who couldn’t provide a safe haven and good future to their children. Trust me. I’ve seen lots of couples who couldn’t provide for their children properly. Yet I’ve seen single parents who could introduce a great life and better future for their kid or kids.

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