Apr 02

Planning for Your Children’s Education

Education is the greatest treasure parents could give their children and regardless of what critics and revolutionaries teach about education, being educated is the only way to survive in the modern world. However, tuition fees continue to rise year per year in renowned universities. Here are some steps to help you save money for your child’s education.

1. Realistic Saving Goals
Everyone giving you tips on budgeting tells you to set goals, but what they fail to tell you is that these goals have to be realistic. You can save enough for your child’s education if you could set up goals. Some questions and goals could include the age of your children, how long you have to save money, the likelihood of furthering their studies in college or already applying their high school education with their other talents, the cost of the tuition fee, and if your child would support you by working in financing their education.

2. Calculate Yearly Savings
Ask yourself if you could afford to save as much as you’d like. List down the priorities of your budget and assess if your budget is tight. See what you could adjust with your spending habits so that you could save more money. Take into consideration if the government could provide you grants for your children as well.

3. Investment Strategy
If you have younger children, be more aggressive during the early years you have the chance to save up for your children’s education. The more aggressive you are in building up your savings, you could generate greater capital, which you could transfer to more conservative investments once your child approaches higher education.

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Mar 19

Proving Your Employer’s Liability in an Accident Compensation Claim

An accident at work compensation claim must show that your employer is responsible for being directly or indirectly the cause of your accident. At any time an employee gets into an accident, even if there is contributory negligence on the victim’s part, they get compensation.

The UK government places in high regard the health and safety of workers reinforced by European law. Any accident at work gives the victims a chance to win a compensation claim. An employer is legally responsible for their employees at times of direct employer negligence, violation of health and safety laws, manual handling regulations, the employment contract and the occupier’s liability.

A direct employer negligence has your employer take all precautions in ensuring your safety as an employee in doing your job. If you become injured yet were provided the right training and safety equipment, there is a chance you could reduce compensation with your contributing negligence. However, if your employer did not supply you the right safety equipment and warnings, they are “negligent” in this case.

Health and safety laws protect workers in all workplaces. The UK government ensures that employers make a proper risk assessment of their employee before they hire them. This is to ensure that the employee can work effectively and that their safety is taken into consideration.

Manual handling regulations mean that any employee carrying a heavy item or equipment in the workplace by hand places any employee’s injury the responsibility of their employer. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 indicates that this is primarily your employer’s obligations when they ask you to perform manual handling.

Your employment contract usually indicates the responsibilities of yourself and your employer; any time you get into an accident, consult your employement contract as to how you could receive your compensation.

Occupier’s liability ensures that any workplace deformity or defectivity causing an accident is automatically the employer’s responsibility.

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Feb 14

The Role of a Mother to Her Children

Stephanie and Jacques only have an age in between, with Jacques being the older of the two. These two kids are headstrong and arrogant, much like their father, Steve. In my early days raising them, I was thinking of my role as a mother to these two children. Truthfully, I haven’t a clue back then what being a mother was like.

My parents, who taught me good and proper values, raised me. They integrated these values from the Christian religion, which I embraced in my early childhood. When I took philosophy in college, I became aware of myself in the fullness of my soul. That’s when I became agnostic and my children know this.

I had my children baptized as Christians, given that I am still a Christian “on paper”, to give them a fair deal of the rights I enjoy. I taught my children good values that Christianity gave to me, but I never once told them to praise any God. Instead, I asked them to believe in themselves, to not be afraid of arguments and stand up for themselves. I told them that facts and evidences are the only way that they can prove their point, and making evidences for their proof of life is also key.

During their high school days, I realized that my role as their mother was not to protect them from harm. It is to allow them to come by harm and help them realize the lessons life gives us. Parenting is not something as showing love; sometimes, the children need to learn on their own.

Jacques told me that when he goes to college, he would take up a course in philosophy. Stephanie decided to study sciences, namely in physics. Both are very bright children, and I’m proud.

So how do you raise your children? What do you think is your role to them? Share your thoughts here.


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Feb 13

Cultivating Independence and Self-Actualization in Your Children

Your children, when they first step into the world with a conscious mind, will always depend on their parents for food, money, shelter and guidance. But every parent knows that someday, their children will need to stand up on their own two feet. I value independence being a single mother, but I also value that my children learn to become independent. Here’s how I cultivated independence in them.

1. Allow Them to Face Consequences
Parents can become very overprotective and they might see their role as guardians to keep their young safe from harm. However, if parents want their children to be independent, they need to allow their children to face the consequences of their actions. Children only learn from how they interact with their environment.

2. Give Guidance
Do not always correct your children; allow them to approach you and ask you for guidance about certain things in their life that they are confused about. Independence is about having your own initiative to do things. If you could give them your guidance only when asked, they can develop their own ability to make decisions and stick by it.

3. Trust and Believe in Them
If you trust and believe your children, then they too will believe in themselves. Children need to believe in themselves to become independent. If they realize that they did something with their own two hands, they beam with pride and take it to the next level.

4. Allow Them To Live Their Lives
Sometimes, parents become too obsessed and already plan out a future they envision for their children. This should not be because children need to live their own lives having their own identities and aspirations. Allow your children to plan their lives. Talk to them about their dreams and what they’re willing to do for it. In this way, you could advise them on what to do to achieve such goals.

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Feb 13

Career Development Tips: Managing People

I’ve worked from a Laundromat helper to the managerial role in a few years and I could tell you, the job of a Laundromat helper is something that I’d prefer over the manager roles in my early years. If you’re left with a managerial role, you have people to manage and that’s just the first of your problems. However, I’ve learned how to work with people in my business by practicing the following.

1. Seeing Their Work
Work is an objective role, meaning that superiors based on what you deliver, not how you act or look like in work. If you are managing multiple people, each of them have their own histories and personalities. While it’s a good plus that each of them have good details of this kind, if their work is shabby, they’re not worth keeping. Always see how people work; don’t mind how they act to you, but as long as they deliver, then they’re doing a good job.

2. Tough Boss
Be a tough but gentle boss. Integrate in your team that you are a gentle person, but you are quite serious when it comes to business. Outside work hours, you can be their friend, but inside the office, they must understand that your team (or branch, for my case) will need to provide output. A charismatic but gentle boss who from time to time bonds with their team and gently pushes them to do work is a good boss.

3. Your Role
Always understand that you have your own tasks to fulfil and you cannot have your team members do all the work for you. They might think that you’re free loading but if you know what you are doing, you could do great in your job. Always assess your objectives for the day, assign a task to yourself first before you assign other tasks to your team members.

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Feb 13

What Makes a Strong Person?

In my early days as a single mother, I often felt weak. I asked myself what makes a strong person. In reality, I think that was one of the best questions I asked myself. Day to day, I worried about what I would feed to my children once the monthly input from my husband’s pension run out halfway through the month. I still cannot find work and I was worried who to leave the 2 year old kids with.


What makes a strong person? I cried quite a lot during the first three months my husband died and left me a single mother with only a house, no money and having only debts. But then, crying is a natural human process. If you cry, you can think better afterwards. After crying, I was getting groceries when an advertisement looking for a washroom helper came into view.

The local Laundromat service was looking for a good helper. The pay was quite small, but I told myself that if I combine it with Steve’s pension, I’d get a good dollar with everything to feed my children. I took the job and had a liking for it, especially my boss, Rosanne. She was the branch manager of the area. I cleaned up every day and carried clothes all around.

The problem with the kids was solved after I told my neighbour about my new job. She gladly offered her services to look after the kids while I was away and she said “I’ll put it on your tab” for her services, which was really only a joke (but I did pay her).

What makes a strong person? Eventually, the kids grew and the branch manager had to retire. But she told me she saw the effort I put in such a job that only pays a small fee to me. She recommended me to become branch manager and this is where life became lighter on my side. Eventually I ran business on the Laundromat until for a few years, I raised enough money to buy some other branches the company had.

I had no dreams; all I needed was money for my children. With them in mind, I worked daily getting everything I can for them. Until now, I ask what a strong person is. But then I realized, you don’t have to be strong, because you are strong. All you need is a little strength and a little focus and you will always end up on top, no matter what.

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Feb 13

A Mom’s Notes: An Introduction

Hello, my name is Mary Ann. I’m a single mother who resides in the western part of the world. Now I won’t specify where I’m located because what’s important here is that somebody reads the thoughts I have in my head, specifically women and possibly girls who are single mothers.

I am a single mother of two; I raised both Stephanie and Jacques from being babies to students now about to step in their final year in high school. These children lost their father at an early age. Robin died in a freak accident at his work when the kids were still one and two years old apart. Left on my own devices, I know you’d say it was difficult, and I won’t deny you that it truly is.

However, I had to struggle through many things to feed these children. I started working as a local help in a washing centre until eventually I became branch manager to becoming now a part-owner of the company. Honestly, I think that was a lot of work for 10 years, but even with this hectic schedule, I’d like to share my thoughts with my children, and eventually to the world, through this blog.

So much for my long introduction. I’ll be posting my first blog in just a short while. Watch out for it. Thanks for coming here and I hope you have a great and inspiring time reading my posts.


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