The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Household Help

During my early days of motherhood, my elder child Stephanie would cry almost every four hours and little Jacques. If you’re not parents yet, well, most little babies sleep around two to four hours during their first three months.

Both kids paralysed me from working. I had to ask my neighbour Chantal to take care of my babies while I was gone. While she would do it for free, I considered hiring household help.

Well, should you?


More Time To Use

Obviously, once you hire household help, you have more time to create your daily budget spending at home and for work, plan your baby’s future, understand the risks involved in your daily life and which kind of insurance policies should you take out. It’s not an easy task to think about while feeding or putting a child to sleep.

Have Clearer Thought

You can also think about how to reduce your debt or how to assert yourself during a business proposition. Having a child is quite great, to be honest, but you’ll concentrate more on making your child smile or making sure all their needs are addressed instead of focusing on what truly matters; how to prepare for the future.


Quality Of Work

Of course, having household help can guarantee you couldn’t find some things you want in your house found immediately. Also, they may not treat your kids right.

Not to terrify you or anything, but I’ve heard stories of abusive, hurtful nannies who can’t keep their temper.

Lesson here? Find the right kind of nanny and fast.

Strained Relationships

A single mother or a single parent for that matter will have tons of responsibilities mounted on their shoulders. This would mean the Nanny is closer with your children with regards to her relationship with them than you are. I know this hurts lots, but you might have some luck, like I did.

Both kids still recognise me as their mother after they grew up, which is nice for me, to be honest.

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