The Difficulty of Having No One Have Your Back

I can empathise with Faith Melley.

A mother of three from Florida, she was arrested for driving with an expired license and having violated probation, she was arrested by authorities on June 30.

Her life was made worse when she was in jail because nobody can take care of her children. To add, her mother had died, which was what began her dilemma.

Her mother had been taking care of her children while she was away.

To top things further, the landlord of her rented property had “given all her stuff away.”

This is the difficulty of having no one have your back. It is possibly that Faith Melley isn’t a bad woman and a bad mother; she had a restraining order against the father of her children because of domestic violence. Now, the children are with him as the court shows their lack of confidence in the parenting capabilities of Faith.

This is the most painful blow a single mother could have. As her imprisonment may take months to serve, her children may have since grown with their father. Her belongings, including her family photos, have been taken by complete strangers.

While it is all unfair, individuals involved in the unfairness of things will likely meet their rightful consequence.

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