Three Ways To Make Single-Mom Parenting More Convenient

Being a single parent can be a huge pain. If you’re taking care of your newborn by yourself, don’t take the responsibility all by yourself. You could invest responsibility with your young one. Ask friends and your own parents for help.  Also do the following!

Buy The Gadgets You Need

Why do you need a new Pad or Smartphone for? You need a multitool to access information quickly without having to turn on your laptop. Should you invest in an expensive electric breast pump for yourself? Surely! It’s expensive for a reason.

In my experience, using a breast pump allowed me to leave Jacques with my mother with some breastmilk. He grew up healthy drinking from my source and I don’t regret owning that pump.

Besides, these pumps cost as much as what you’d spend for formula milk per year.

Make Time For Yourself

Self-time is also important. It does not mean you’re a mother you have to spend all your days with your child. You are your own person. Ask your family to allow you to chase after your dreams. I know, it could be troublesome to ask for help, but life is not worth living if one will not take the risk.

Trust me, I’ve taken my own share of risks and this is one of the best things to do when you’re alive.

Ask Help From Friends

True friends will find ways to help you. If you need them to babysit your child or at least teach them values that you believe will be helpful, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Most single-parents I know wouldn’t do it. I was hesitant to do it at first myself. But I saw the benefits of my child learning values and seeing new people in his life. Jacques had many trade skills as soon as he was seven-years-old because of my friends.


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