Why I Agree With Jennifer Campbell

If you’re a parent, you have read this post, and you empathize, then you understand what parenting really is.

I’ve been a parent of two kids myself and Jennifer Campbell is right in saying we’re imperfect people.

What does society expect of a parent? Or a single parent perhaps?

Parents are supposed to guard their children. People are angry at parents who seem to neglect their children because they themselves may have or not have been neglected in the same manner.

Let me assure you that parents are not God. We try our best. But sometimes, that ends up in bitter failure.

In a world where judgments and a lack of information is abound, people can judge you and induce ‘social media justice’, which is similar to how witches were burned in the United States during a time of ignorance.

Jennifer had to take care of two children on her own. One was still an infant and while her child had been lost countless times, she tried. I know she did. Eyebags speak for themselves.

It’s easy to say that if you had planned before this happened, these kids would have a better life. I wouldn’t say so myself. Plans are set to fail at some point and one needs to improvise.

Every parent tries his or her best to improvise. And we can fail.

We’re sorry if we look like bad parents. But do know we try our best.

One day hopefully, you can understand.

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