Why We Shouldn’t Dismiss Our Kids By Having Them “Walk It Off”

Britons are well-known for having their children become independent. Apparently, all western families expect their children at some point to be independent. Compared to Asians, we let go of our children by the age of 18 to college, where they spend their life independent, budgeting daily expenses and managing their time for fun.

It would seem we would only see our kids until they reach the age of 18.

And at this time, we become British to our children by dismissing their excuses for certain troubles by ordering them to “walk it off”.

When children are hurt, they want comfort. While tough love works in certain ways, it may also encourage hatred and the lack of empathy to the struggle of other people.

This is actually why most adults nowadays mind their own business and never attempt to do anything even if they see something wrong right in front of them. Unless it’s already a big foul, they would never jump in a physically-abusive boyfriend’s issue with his girlfriend in public, or sensitivity to the homeless, who just need someone to talk to.

Negativity never taught any kid to be nice to other kids. While it encourages great competition that increases the level of skill and technicality every child has against each other, not everything in life is a competition. Most of it is made of experience. And a positive experience makes for a better person.

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